Business Process Auditing

A business process audit may seem complicated and intimidating, but a modern business must consider this as an ally in the search for more efficiency and effectiveness in the organization’s value chain processes.

Business Process Audit Benefits  Business Process Audit Definitions Business Process Audit Objectives

Business Process Audit Benefits 

Business process audit benefits

  • Risk analysis and contingency procedures.
  • It promotes more transparency and corporate governance.
  • Verification of controls used and their suitability to the business.
  • To verify how often the defined procedures and practices are adequate.
  • Provide information for decision making on improvements and changes in processes.

Business Process Audit Definitions

Business process audit definition

A business process audit is a formal and technical way to derive and assess whether the company is managing its business processes, taking into account:

  • The strategic objectives of the organization.
  • The specific goals.
  • Suitable procedures.

Also, one must make sure that:

  • The performance of processes is within the desired standards.
  • Controls are suitable for the correct measurement of processes.
  • The procedures are suitable to achieve the desired levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Business Process Audit Objectives

Business process audit objectives

The objectives are many and varied, but we can highlight some of them:

  • The elimination of anomalies.
  • To be following the goals and objectives set by senior management.
  • The encouraging continuous improvement.
  • Risk Control.
  • The definition of contingency plans.
  • Suggestions for improvements.
  • Solidifying the “process culture” in the company.
  • Best management practices.
  • More data for decision-making by leaders.
  • Enables the proper training of employees.
  • IT resources assessment being used.
  • Safer and more reliable information.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Adequacy of physical and structural resources for the tasks.
  • More transparency.

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