Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, what's your plan?  Is your data backed up and replicated?  Is it backed up offsite?  Will the backup work?

How long will you be down? How much money will you lose in the meantime?  Don't be without a plan.  Over half of all businesses suffering a data loss end up failing.

DIsaster Recovery      Replication Backup

DIsaster Recovery     

Recovering from data loss is essential to every organization. With a 70% business failure rate for companies that have a major loss of data within 18 months, it is incumbent upon business owners and administrators to have a continuity plan in place. Fire, flood and human error are the most recognized disasters but geographical threats like tornados and earthquakes are a clear and present danger as well. 

For the companies that can recover, the average recovery time is 18.5 hours, and that leads to another bothersome question:   How much does it cost the company during that time?  How much production is lost?  

Most will find that monetary loss unacceptable and look for a solution that fits their budget and minimizes downtime. 405 has developed a good, better, best continuity plan that we tailor to individual establishments to meet their operational needs.  The major contributors to a plan for recovery are Recovery Point Objectives, Recovery Time Objectives and with due regard, budget. 405 builds customized architectural solutions for each client that meet all criteria set forth by best practices, regulatory guidelines and customer need. 


If uptime is important to your productivity, and for many it's imperative their business applications are running without fail, then offsite replication with instant failover is beyond necessary.  Things happen.  Human error is the most common problem, but hardware fails, power supply fails, system security fails.  It's a lot like the saying if you've never laid over your motorcycle, it just hasn't happened yet.  It is inevitable.  Something bad will happen, and your business needs to be prepared when it does.  


Imagine strolling into work tomorrow and all of your company data is gone.  It's just gone.  No customer information.  No product information.  No documents.  No contracts.  No anything.  How does your company survive that?  Most companies don't.  That's why it is imperative that you are not only backing up your data, but backing it up both on and off site, and verifying the integrity of those backups.  

There are a dozen different ways to ensure your data is backed up and verified.  There's only one BEST to backup your business data.  That's why we are here.  We will work to find the right solution for your business.  

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