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Enterprise Hardware 

From one end of the datacenter to the other, we help deploy, manage, and advise organizations.  By employing best practices and rich feature sets, 405IT gives secure and durable solutions that can tolerate any failure and keep your business operating with zero downtime and efficient operations. 


Tailoring our portfolio of cloud providers to the client, we can optimize any environment. From compute to storage we can find the best solution and the best fit for operations and budget.  Each of our clients has saved CapEx and lowered OpEx through a more streamline approach to their IT infrastructure.  High entry cost to a durable environment is a thing of the past.  405 can provide disaster recovery for up to 90% less than Legacy site to site replication and still meet Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives of an organization. In addition, our storage solutions have up to 11 9s of availability, that’s 99.999999999%. Compute is no different, all our cloud providers have horizontal and vertically scalable instances (servers) that expand on an as needed basis, so buying hardware for the maybe is no longer a necessity.  With this technology, organizations are empowered with the ability to innovate with their budget and meet the business needs of the day, versus maintaining a hardware product that must be refreshed, maintained, powered, cooled etc.  405 gives the tools to rise because that’s what businesses expect and that’s what we deliver.

Hybrid Cloud 

The hybrid cloud solutions we deploy and manage are the best of both worlds.  Utilizing onsite hardware and cloud infrastructure, 405IT can keep you operating 24/7 without ripping and replacing previous large capital expenditures by your organization. The scale up or down features in cloud allow your single location onsite infrastructure to burst to the cloud for compute, storage and disaster recovery.  This solution extends the refresh cycle of hardware, saves money and allows scaling your DC without huge expense.


Laptops, phones, tablets, desktops, and workstations can all connect to resources onsite.  405IT can bring it all together and build efficiency for your organization. Supplying flexibility and secure interface for your endusers, we create a cohesive environment.  While IT changes are constant, client hardware has had little change and we can use existing hardware with minor improvements to create the infrastructure that's mobile.

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