Messaging and Colloboration

Most business work forces today are both mobile and collaborative. Users have complex access requirements to individual, team, corporate, and partner data. They need to access and share this data both locally and remotely, sometimes from unsecured locations using public Wi-fi. Instant messaging, e-mail, remote access, and Internet access are all business-critical tools, so any service interruptions are detrimental to productivity. However, implementing a messaging and collaboration infrastructure increases security needs.  These threats use an array of attack vectors that require the establishment of multiple layers of protection. Microsoft’s "defense-in-depth" strategy was built to provide multi-layered security to help simplify security management and to enhance performance, Microsoft also recommends that the solution be integrated into the business infrastructure. 405IT can help give guidance and implement a full host of messaging and collaboration tools that empower your workers with agile, secure, and familiar tools that just work.

 Skype for Business OneDrive Storage

 Skype for Business

At the heart of great teams is great communication

Connect your workers with the tools they love in Office applications they use every day. With Skype for Business you can simplify your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing.

OneDrive Storage

Designed for your business

Your employees get all the benefits of OneDrive, but with the security and tools that help protect company data.


Sync your files from your PC or Mac and access them from your favorite browser or mobile device.


Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office in real time so you can share and collaborate from anywhere.


Protect your company data with advanced encryption, compliance, and security features.


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